About Us

The end of 1991, the beginning of my story, the story of a dream since it accompanied me I was young. "Ayoub Ovens" was the title of the book that I filled its pages with work and invention, I was like any ambitious person who seeks to achieve a particular goal in his life. And as known, the beginning of every project starts from a scratch, and the purchase of a small vehicle to distribute the bread that I use to buy from one of the furnaces, wass the first step on the way of success. I was in contact with customers in the market, studying the requests and reviewing comments. Based on my studies, it has proceeded on the second step, which was under a contract with the owner of the oven, whom I use to cite its products, to be me, rhight at the start of manufacturing my own products of dry bread and sweets. Terms of this contract required to stay up late at night in order of production, and work during the day for the sales and the disposal of products. After a year of fatigue, the picture of my dream started to be completed, and I opened a small laboratory arranged with some equipments, workers, and of corse the help and ecouragement of my family played an important role in growing that dream. And here I am the owner of "Ayoub Sweets Bakery", whom its name engraved on the level of local markets and other markets in the countries of expiration, and its products were qualified as the best sweets in themarket.

  My story will not end with the events already achieved and the I am so proud of, because I wont stop filling
out the pages of my book, untill the last breath, and this company will continue in providing the best for you.





Ayoub Sweets Bakery Co.
Antoine Habib Ayoub

- We now wrap each portion in Its own bag.